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SURGE ARRESTER / Lightning Arrester (LA) is a protection or protective device that serves to protect other electrical equipment from surge voltage (both lightning and lightning surge). Surge may propagate inside the conductor during the following events:

Failure of lightning protection angle, so lightning surge flows inside the phase conductor.
Backflashover due to high earth value, either in the substation or in the transmission line.
CB / DS switching process (contact surge).
Phase-phase interference, or ground-phase both in the transmission line and in the substation.
At the time of the surge, traveling waves travel across the transmission system at speeds close to the speed of light. Surge with wavelength in micro-order seconds is dangerous when the surge voltage value arriving at the equipment is higher than the BIL level (Basic Insulation Level) of equipment. For that reason, LA is installed to bypass the surge voltage by passing the surge current to the ground in a very short order, in which the follow-up effect does not co-exist.

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